Sunday, June 20, 2010

I know your jealous Micheal Jackson Made an appearance in my blog.

Yea that's right.. Mich hopped on the trolley at Mouse World. Took a left...and ended up in my blog. You didn't know my blog was beside mouse world??? Weird. :)

Summer is a little slow...just like your And I'm trying to find something to do..I hang alot...sorta like Micheal's monkey.

I like going to MAW. (Making Wishes Come True) cause there are always kids there. So I TPed over the other day and Mr. Arkin had been working at the school and seen me on his Radar. So he walked on over.

I miss school. Blah. So we headed back over to his sim and took a drive in his rad bad automobile.

We ran into... Dwyhte ( literally).. :) He and Joc are now a happy married couple. Em said Joc looked like an Angel. :)

So Dymond...wanted me to go to Mouse World..She also Tped Markis in as well...scandalous.
Everyone's friends that's good in the hood.

Dymond wanted to ride one ride in particular... "The Haunted Mansion" I managed to get a picture of her screaming. She's a scardy

Like I said...I want to find something to do in SL this summer. I would love to start doing ballet in second life. I was invited to preview a show from Ballet Pixelle called "Avatara" It was just the preview...but it was one of the more creative things I have seen in SL. I'm all about the creativity.

Also I would like to say Happy Father's day to all you Dads. I hope My SL dad Coal Edge enjoyed his gift.

So look for this blog every friday from now on.

p.s. I'm starting to get a crush again. lol..

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