Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm just in love...

I'm as happy as a clam. I am I am

We moved to Pleasantville. You should definitely come check it out. If you're the type of SL person that wants to live in a neighborhood. Pleasantville is the place to be. There's even talk about expanding the sim because so many people want to live there. My mom has done a beautiful job wallpapering and furnishing the house. I LOVE it there. I'm a super social person anyways...and what's better than living in a neighbor hood full of family's. Um..nothing. :)

So much has happened in a week. I know and worry this blog won't touch on all of it. Lets try though. lol. During the Fourth of July holiday Pleasantville and Funkytown threw a spectacular party with fire works and a live singer. His name is Christov Kohnke. He's an (SL) eleven year old boy with a great voice.

Home is where the Heart is. Word.

My mom is making my room super awesome. Lets just say she's not clowning around....irk.

abernathy Button: I will direct you
abernathy Button: are you ready for your close up
Mamsen Mayflower: hmm?
Mamsen Mayflower: ooohhh
Mamsen Mayflower: lol
Mamsen Mayflower: smiles widely
Mamsen Mayflower: fluffers her hair back
Mamsen Mayflower: okay shoot
abernathy Button: see see..I'm going to put you in pictures see. Your going to be a really big star doll..stick with me and we will go places
abernathy Button: :D
Mamsen Mayflower: *~*~rofl*~*~

Mom and Dad decided to adopt again. Her name is ittsy bittsy...oh wait..nope..that's just what I call her. Her name is Hailey and she's super cute and sweet. Welcome to the family!!!!

Hailey & Me on the Couch at our new house

Some other things of interest. I've met some really interesting people lately. One in particular is Volodya. A smart and different fem boy who loves Russian Pop Music and playing barbies. :)

Summer school started...i missed the first few days...cause I'm a slacker. I'm excited about the clothing classes for sure. I've been messing around with making a dress...if it doesn't turn out to be a hot mess..I'll blog the sucker. My friend babyblueeyes has been giving me tips on how to start out...she's very kind and quiet...a true friendship gem.

I've also decided that I would like to work at a SL video store. Cause I'm a movie gal. I can talk movies all day long. I'm still hoping to be a writer on here one day..but till then...

Like I said. I'm in love...I mean...get a tatoo of his name on my body type of love. I love you Dustin Rae. He and I have been friends on SL for a while now. At one point things were heading in the direction of a relationship. But stuff happened :( I don't think...even with the time we spent apart..we ever stopped caring about each other. He's just soo...I don't know. He called me to sing a song to me before bed. I love him so good. He's real and true and can't say enough about him.

Dustin & me sitting on the swing

Dustin and I dancing at O Karaoke

And yes there is fashion going on in this blog as well.

I call this Look: If Orval Redenbacher and Larry King had a love child.
But I went to this one place and was called Little baby Gaga. So..

Shirt-Adjunct-Dress Shirt/ Turquois/Buttoned Collar/Rolled Sleeves
Skin-Cupcakes-Fantasy -Earth -Dark Love
Suspenders-League Grandad Braces Black/Silver/Creases
Pants-Pia black Panks ~Ivalde~
Pencil-{MAGIC Nook} Summer Happy Blond
Shoes-Maschienenwrek Lowtop llPink
Earrings-Tailsman-Meep Meep Penquin
Bowtie_Ajunct-Candy stripe 3
Pose-AnaTrefusis by estelica

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