Friday, July 23, 2010

Late nite Blogtalk

It's late...
I haven't been in my secondlife but maybe an hour. RL is just taking over and I don't like it.
I feel like I'm getting ready to tell you a secret.
That's weird.
I get at night.
Not the best time to write
Oh I just got an IM...wonder who it is.
Oh its my sailing friend George from Japan.
My dog is running around like he's on crack...
But he's just retarded.
I'm listening to Corrina Corrina the song...not the movie...but I love the movie.
I'm whispering this blog to myself as I write it.
I bet George thinks I'm ignoring him.
George is so interesting.
I didn't really like anything from 50L friday.
I wish I could sleep beside Dustin Rae....rl.
Look what he got me.

This Hoody called RAWR from Gauged...I love it!

I'm his Sunshine Monster

It's late like I said..I'm going to bed cause I have to work tomorrow

Quote this week....

Not an SL quote though..

Be a shadow in a box that cranks. K.L. VanMuse say Hey Ab. I read your blog....blah be dooo..or what not and look for my blog every friday....cause that's when I post....

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