Monday, May 2, 2011

I now pronounce you Blogged

This picture and other wedding pics are done by Nikky Scribe

Well they finally did it. My parents tied the knot. It was a warm, full of love, family and friendship type of ceremony. Tucked away in a forest like setting with tarnish gold pillars that seemed to have been there for a century. My Parents Cady and Miketh exchanged vows with loved ones looking on. Their bond and comentiment to each other is the backbone that makes our family strong. I know. We are "just" a virtual family. But to me and I think I speak for them too, the love that we have for each other is very real.

I'm adopted in real life. I've never felt like sharing this story to all those that read my blog. Mainly because I'm not great about talking about rl when it comes to sl. My parents didn't choose to adopt me. They were more or less pressured into. Their indifference to me growing up left a huge hole in heart. I think Miketh and Cady in some ways fill part of that in. More than that, they are two of my best friends. We find the same things funny and our heartstrings get pulled the same ways. Our relationships work because we work at them. I thought I lucked up finding "Dad" Miketh. Then to get so lucky as to also find "Moma" Cady, seems like a dream.

I hope no one is laughing at me to hard for pouring my guts out about my secondlife family or gagging on the sickening sweet way I talk about them.

I can't say the wedding went off without a hitch though. Sigh, my poor mother had relogged before the wedding and became "ruthed". If you don't know what that means. Heck maybe I'm calling it something its not. For me it means you have system hair and your shape is the original ruth shape. It was so stressful because we couldn't figure out how to fix it. Right at the last minute the SL angels looked down on us and fixed her dilemma..or rather she changed viewers.

I swear I think itty bitty cousin Amber stole the show. Look at her. :D

Miss Amber is a card shark. She played U-know with Dad and Uncle Matt who is her Daddy. She kept winning and my Dad was getting so upset..hahahaha... Especially because she kept winning on yellow. And winning on yellow in my family is a no no. You get sent to the big Ocean outside if you do. It's like an unwin. Who knows why.

These are my parents. HAHAHA. Two very random people. Dad pelvic thrusting my mom while she is in a brick box. Totally normal right?

Please tell me this was a bad dream because I ate too late at night. My boyfriend Harry and my dad with a Chicken head making out. It HAD to be a bad dream right?

Here is me and MY LUV NINJA!!! Harry. He is OMG worthy 24/7...hehe

My dad is like the Super Hero's of DJ's. The other night my friend Hempy asked me if he could fill in for someone that didn't show up to her end of a hunt bash. I asked him and he was more than happy to help. She had a stoner themed party. Harry seemed the most realistic. He just stayed in his underwear and rocked out to the awesome music.

Here's Harry and I swaying back and forth to some mellow music. Just chillin.

Here is Harry and I watching Jonny stumble drunk to the music.

Jonny is a good friend. I do prefer him one on one. We talk about life's unanswered questions.

I was looking through my pics for April and came across some from when Dad, Justice ( my dad's sister and my Auntie) and my best friend EVA Chex Mex Lex (who tore her ACL from volley ball in RL and had to have surgery :( but is doing ok) went to a Haunted House because Justice always wants to "do something" when she logs on. Here is some pics. LOL. We are a bunch of nerds.

Anybody have an answer as to why Harry and I did this?

Neither do we really. I've came to the conclusion that I may be a N.C.A Nun Clown Assassin and that Harry is a T.N.M. Teenage Ninja Monk. Brought together by love tore apart by Christ? Idk..haha..I'm ashamed that I find this funny.

If you didn't happen to see this picture at Shopping Cart Disco where my mom does a weekly photograph or on my plurk. Then here is "Office Gossip".

Picture takin by my mom Cadence Aldrich Fretwerk.

Plus here is a link to SCD. I love that website.

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  1. That is the most sincere blog I've read but you're always saying such nice things about our family and that validates that we're all really happy together. I won't ever forget the first day I met you and look how everything has come together.

    Don't ever change or compromise who you are Abernathy because you certainly make the best SL daughter that there could be.

  2. Abby, you are the daughter that I've always dreamed of and more. I hate that there are people in your life that don't recognize how amazing you are. I'm thankful for everyday that you and your dad are in my life. Thank you for everything that you are, and for everything that you have given me. I love you Starling.