Monday, May 30, 2011

Who loves you baby?

My favorite time of the year is here. SUMMER! Now if only they will open the pool here at my apartment. I'd be super happy. I'm pretty sure last year they opened it up by now. I love where I live for the pool alone.

I remember last year driving past the pool after a long day at work watching everyone already at the pool cooling off and having fun. At times, I wanted to just park my car, get out, pull off my heels and jump on in. I'm sitting here now thinking how fun that would be. Sigh..Open the pool already!

In sl we had a great cookout with friends and family. I actually got back from a cookout at my rl parents house that wasn't near as fun as the sl one. I love my extended sl family so much. Moma and I were talking about how bad our faces hurt from all the laughing we did that night. We started playing this online game called Nutsy bolts with everyone. Which I've been told it's like Apples to Apples. A game I've never played before.

Here are some pictures of our evening.

Amber drinking what I hope is Rootbeer.

Uncle Awesome, Auntie Sy and her friend Aurura

The most loving couple on the grid

Harry and Me snuggling.

Auntie Scar eating ribs.

I think our whole family agrees that out of everyone AmberAnn is the most awesome. There is something about that itty bitty child avi that I want to squeeze so hard. In the last few months her and I have really gotten close. She really loves all of us and she is fun and unbelievably sweet.

Here is a picture Moma took for SCD.

So this weekend was my SL Moma's RL bday. Before she left my Dad took it upon himself to throw Moma a surprise bday party. Auntie Scar got a little tipsy and danced on the table. She also took Auntie Justice out on a boat she made and then I think it was all to much and she threw up on the lawn. Eek. Auntie Scar is so much fun!

My Harry hugged me the whole time we were at the cookout. Sigh. He makes my heart skip a beat. I'm just so lucky. We watched one of my favorite movies with some friends the other day called Me You and Everyone We Know. I believe I've emotionally damaged Jonny forever..
)) < > ((
We also laid on a blanket together and watched Good Will Hunting. Harry likes that movie because of the way Robin Williams talks about his deceased wife. How she wasn't perfect..but she was perfect for him. :)

Harry is HAWT!
I took this pic of him and his Ninja tattoos from Die Antwoord

Not only do I think the world of Harry but oh my word..his Mom..Kess...she is the best. I think she adores me too. She fits right in with our family She has been friends with Mom and Harry for a long time in SL and RL. The other day I sat with her while she had her first KittyCat kitten. She sat out sushi, a fire, and we danced around coaxing the kitten out. Even Moma came over and sat behind the KittyCat to catch the baby.

Maybe Kess needs some stone Cat Angel/Demons and Telly Savalas to look over ther KittyCats like we have. "Who loves ya Baby?"

Harry is a Meeroo daddy. He's really delved into the world of Meeroo's. I made him a platform so he can see his babies a bit better.

Sometimes my friends want to tp me to places they think I would love. And I LOVE they do that. My friend Hempy tped me to this crazy place where you can make your own My Little Pony. Of course Hemp made a "Stoney Pony" LOL. As tped me in she said I always bring an entourage. I guess I do, but I'm always with friends and family and love to tp them to weird places...I love their Ims to me as we land down among a dozen my little pony's on voice cussing each other. Priceless!

I'd also like to say, I've became really close friends with an ex boyfriend of mine on sl named TC. I want to thank him for all his help and his friendship. You're amazing. I'd also like to thank my parents who took TC in and didn't give me a bit of flack for wanting to rekindle that friendship. And Harry for being understanding and the best boyfriend for being so cool with TC and my friendship.

Happy Summer everyone. :D :D :D


  1. of course I think the UNIVERSE of you!!!! I love you, Abbykins!
    I also love your Momma and Daddy and family very much! (I saw Auntie Scar had wings in her throw up lol)
    I was hoping AmberAnn had root beer too! LOL It had to have been because she got JACKED up in sugar! aieaieaieaie

    I might love my s0n too.. I'll think about it ;-) Just kidding. Best son ever!

    Thanks for coming by to watch me has kittens! <3

  2. Abby, you are simply the best. I loved sharing all of that time with you and look foward to much more.

  3. Your enthusiasm for all the things you love just makes me so proud of you. I don't think there's anyone out there that has a better daughter. That's just fact that you're awesome and you make the worlds of everyone you come into contact with a better place.

    <3 Dad

  4. they all stole what I was gonna say ^.~ Love you Starling - you mean so much to me in every life.