Friday, March 25, 2011

Jou ma se poes in 'n fishpaste jar

Remember that time I was obsessed with Nikky Minaj? I thought my parents were about to loose it when i tried to interject her lyrics into everyday conversation. They were so grateful when it started to die down. Then Die Antwoord came into my life. I'm in love with this band. Die Antwoord is basically some next level shit. They are living the ZEF lifestyle. Ninja and Yo Lani spit rhymes and are video visionary GOD$. From his Pink Floyd boxers to her no bang mullet..they have the rap world on lock down. You think I'm being silly...I'm being serious. I'm in the process of trying to find her hair on secondlife and seeing if someone will make me some sculpty clothing that looks like the stuff they wear in some of their videos and on stage. Hopefully I will be able to pull that off and there will be pictures coming soon. I've been reading any interview, watching any video, looking for any second life/real life stuff I can find. Best SL find so far has been Ninjas tattoos. HERE

Speaking of unbelievable talent. Nesto Silverfall is a RL and SL musician that really has the ability to make you feel like your in some bar listening to him belt out some really amazing sounds. He's opening a bar in secondlife called Area 5. Its centered on live entertainment in SL. He's asked me to help him with getting the place up and running. If you love great live music you should defiantly check out his show sometime. Just look his name up in world and you will be able to find his group. That Ne$to Guy.

Seems like everyone is being productive lately. Dad and Uncle Lucky are working hard on their clothing stores. You should check them out sometimes. To the right of this blog is their logos. Projekt Mayhem and Lucky XIII Clothing Co.

Uncle Lucky has a lucky chair at his store. Here's clover trying to win a free shirt because her name starts with a C.

We've got cats. Yes breeding is happening. Plus..we went to an auction. Not sure the latter was a good idea yet or not. We are still deciding if this is really a breed-able animal or a randomable. I guess time will tell. Here's me over come with KittyCats.

Id take a pic of the rest but they are above the house on a platform paired off making babies.


  1. how sad that ZEF was up on the platform and didn't make the Die Antwoord post. Love you Starling, and you know your dad and I will always put up with all your quirky obsessions.

  2. I am so lucky you do for real..and dont worry...this is one of many Die Antwoord blogs. ZEF for LIFE!!!!!!